Best PR Agency in Bangalore

PR & Digital Marketing Agency for Startups, Small & Medium level companies.
Still following traditional marketing methods to reach your target audience? We let your target audience come to you by using various latest inbound marketing strategies.
Digital Marketing is the heart of every modern business marketing strategy. It comprises of several components, we identify all the right components for your business and implement your marketing strategies.
Social Media Platforms are the most popular places where most of the internet users loves to spend their time. It is not only Facebook & Twitter. We go to all social media platforms to target your right audience.
Your business website may have great content and wonderful products. If you do not implement the Right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques for your website, your competitors can easily perform better than you in the search engines.
If your business website is relatively new, it may take some time for your website to perform well in search engines even while you are doing Right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website. Till that time, we will do effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to reach your potential customers.
Maintaining a very good reputation is must for a business or a celebrity. We manage your Online Reputation at various platforms and take feed back from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers/ clients, try to correct/rectify them, use them further in future marketing strategies

Web Site Development

Don’t you have a website for your business? Or, is your website not up to the latest technologies, or do you want to modify your existing website ? Our web development team is ready to do that for you. We develop websites according to the latest technologies and also SEO friendly.
For some types of products and businesses only Digital, Search Engine and Social Media marketing may not be sufficient and one may have to do some Traditional marketing as well. Do you want to promote your business by conducting various events ? We can help you with that as well.

Email Marketing

Whether an internet user may use one website or the other social media platform,but, they must be having one email id. Email marketing is as effective now as it used to be before a decade if you follow the right way. Or your emails will land in the spam folder of your customer.


How can you provide services at affordable prices?

Unlike others, we do not hire employees for many requirements unless we feel that, we cannot run our business without them. This saves our monthly expenditure.

For example, a content writer can be good at writing content in one or two subjects, but may not be able to write good content on each and every subject. We cannot hire a Travel content writer and ask them to write content about medical field. For such scenarios, insteading of hiring a permanent employee, we work with various freelancers across the globe who are masters in their fields. Based on our requirements, we approach them and get the best quality content to our customers. Here again, our clients need not to worry, what if the freelancer is not available. We have contacts with various good freelancers for any given requirement. As a result, we can provide services to our clients at the best prices.

Do you also provide Outbound Marketing Services?

Though many medium, small level companies, startups are preferring inbound marketing strategies, outbound marketing still have an impact on people’s minds when it comes to brand awareness, authority etc., For that reason, we help our customers in various outbound marketing activities such as setting up Hoardings, giving TV Commericals etc.,